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How Do I Celebrate “Someplace?” 

Preservation New Jersey's “Someplace…not anyplace” campaign is a fun way to show the world the special landmarks and places with historic character that are important to you. And you can view the Gallery of other people's photos and find important “someplaces” you never knew existed!

  1. Print a Sign: Every photo submitted to the “someplace…” gallery must include the sign available for download below.
    Download a sign to print

  2. Take two photos: Once you have your sign printed, you're ready. Take a picture of you, your downloaded sign, and anyone that you would like to appear. Your spouse, your kids, your boss, the mayor of your town. Anyone! The photo of you and your friends should be in front of your special building or other historic place. Let us see YOU and the sign in this picture. Then step back and take one more picture of the building or place by itself.
    The pictures you take can either be on a digital camera - or you can use a regular camera and then scan the image into your computer. Either way, when you get to our next step, you will need an electronic image to send us.

  3. Send us your two photos: NOTE: by sending us your photos, it is implied that you and all other people pictured have given their consent for the photos to be posted on the PNJ public website.
    • E-mail an electronic image in .jpg format (NO LARGER THAN 500K PLEASE!) to Tell us in your e-mail your first name, and where you're from, and then where the “someplace” is and its name -- if it has one.
    • Or Submit them directly to our Flickr group
  4. Share Your Someplace With Your Friends: Send an e-mail to your friends, letting them know how important your “someplace” is to you and your family. Maybe they have a someplace they'd like to submit. Here's a suggested message you can copy and paste into an e-mail:“You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, I took a photo the other day that is now part of an online gallery. It's celebrating a historic place that is very special to me and my family. To view my picture, and many others, simply click on this link: