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Eagle Tavern

Year Listed:

1995, 2023


Trenton, Mercer County


433 S Broad St #431, Trenton, NJ 08611, USA

Eagle Tavern

This eighteenth-century building signifies the growth of Trenton into a commercial and industrial city from the mid-1760s through into the early nineteenth century.  It was a hub for social, commercial, and industrial investments. Originally built as a private home, it was enlarged for use as a tavern in the early nineteenth century and was frequented by patrons of the nearby Eagle Raceway. At that time, it served as the political center for the city’s South Ward and was a meeting place of the Masons. In 1890, the tavern closed and became a rooming house until 1950. Later it was purchased by the city and leased to the Trenton Historical Society. Society tried and failed three times to operate the tavern as a restaurant. At the time of its listing, the city had boarded up the building and was using federal urban initiative funds to conduct a feasibility study to find a viable new use. The building underwent an exterior restoration by the city in 2005. The building envelope, roof, and windows were all restored, and a handicap ramp was installed. The interior was restored in the 1980s, but it was proven to need a lot of work. As of 2022, the City of Trenton announced and advertised for redeveloping and restoring the building with a long-term commercial or retail use. The Eagle Tavern was listed on the 10 Most in 1995. Preservation New Jersey revisits the Eagle Tavern to lend its continued support to the City of Trenton and its advocates. As we approach the celebrations of America’s 250th, we strongly encourage sites to be visitor ready and having various agencies actively explore and preserve New Jersey’s role in America’s history – this can be through the development of programs and community projects, creation of interpretive resources and exhibits, and the preservation of historic sites that contribute to the story of our nation. 

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