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State Owned and Managed Historic Properties

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State Owned and Managed Historic Properties

Placement of this theme - listing of all historic sites on owned and managed lands by the State of New Jersey; acknowledges the importance to preserve our rich and diverse history and provides call to action by the State to make strides in preserving our past for future generations. As we prepare for America’s 250th celebrations, we are reminded that our investment in historic sites needs continued support, encouragement, and should be made a priority. State-owned historic sites are often victim to budget deficits, neglect, and staffing shortages.

By engaging in this program, we hope to achieve some of the following:

1) Addressing the much-needed inventory of historic structures and resources across statewide departments, including properties where resources have not been evaluated for historic significance or State and National register listing;

2) Discussion and appropriation of needed funding for both capital and operating expenditures for historic structures within the State budget;

3) A reevaluation of the funding percentages allocated to preservation activities by funding programs and incentives such as the CBT fund, which is currently scheduled to sunset at the end of FY24 leaving a $400 million shortfall dedicated to green initiatives, open spaces, and historic preservation activities; and

4) Encouragement of New Jersey State leaders to reauthorize and allocate additional funding to the Historic Preservation Fund (H.R. 3350) that has expired which will impact current outside funding mechanisms to support programs and capital project opportunities at State historic sites and agencies.

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