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Operating Information

Founded in 1978, Preservation New Jersey is a statewide member-supported non-profit historic preservation organization. PNJ promotes the economic vitality, sustainability, and heritage of New Jersey’s diverse communities through advocacy and education. 

As a non-profit organization, Preservation New Jersey provides annual reports and creates strategic plans to guide effective operations.

General Information

Committee Work

The Board of Trustees can establish as many committees as necessary to adequately perform the duties of the organization. Standing committees of the Board are as follows: Executive, Governance, Finance, Marketing & Development, and Programs & Events. Full details of each committee is listed below.

Members who are interested in volunteering and serving on a committee can contact us at


Our Committees

This is solely the Officers per Bylaws which includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Covers the budgets, fiscal health, and HR matters of the organization

Covers bylaws, board member nominations, board member orientation/training, ED/Board evaluations

Includes fundraising, grants, membership, Building Industry Network, public relations, newsletter, and website

Includes tours, workshops, lectures, 10 Most program, Section 106 reviews, and the annual awards event 

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