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Taylor’s Mill

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Readington, Hunterdon County


198 Taylors Mill Rd, Lebanon, NJ, USA

Taylor’s Mill

Taylor's Mill is a stone grist mill built circa 1760 by Colonel John Taylor who owned and ran the mill.  Taylor, an Englishman by birth, served in the Revolution as a member of the 4th Hunterdon Militia and eventually achieved the rank of General. The mill is located at the southwest corner of Taylor's Mill Road and Rockaway Road on the Readington/Tewksbury border and is one of the last surviving pre-Revolutionary mills. This mill played an important role in the Revolution as a grain supplier for Washington’s Army, and remains significant for its importance to local history, for studying early patterns of industry and commerce, for studying the architecture of early mills, and for understanding the importance of local business in support of the military effort during the Revolution. Although the site was acquired nearly thirty years ago, structures have been lost over time through demolition by neglect. The current ruins are threatened by years of deferred maintenance which was brought to the forefront of public concern when, during a snowstorm in early 2022, a portion of the Taylor’s Mill ruin was damaged by a vehicle accident. With continued lack of funding and support for the site, the future of the Taylor Mill ruins remains unknown. With the onset of America’s 250th celebrations, Preservation New Jersey supports and strongly encourages municipalities, counties, and statewide bodies to engage in exploring and preserving New Jersey’s role in America’s history – this can be through the development of programs and community projects, creation of interpretive resources and exhibits, and the preservation of historic sites that contribute to the story of our nation.

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